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Perth Crankers
is a mixed, adult cycling hash, riding on the first Sunday of each month, and sometimes other times when we feel like it. Visitors are always welcome.


Where do you ride?
Most rides are in the Perth 'burbs, occasionally Mandurah or Bunbury. Generally, the start is marked from within 5KM of a train station, Transperth are happy for cyclists to take thier bikes on the trains on Sundays, so no real need to drive.

What sort of distance are the rides?
Typically 20-40KM, with 2-4 drink stops.

What type of terrain is covered?
Varies a bit depending on the nuances of the hare who sets it. Generally it will be mostly road and easy trails, with the odd bit of sand, mud, bush, fences, logs, rivers and other nasty stuff.

What equipment is needed?
A bike obviously. Mountain bikes or hybrids are recommended. A helmet is also required, and lights are a good idea if you plan to ride home.

How fit would I need to be?

Not particularly fit. There are a lot of false trails, and checks to keep the pack together, and a support vehicle if you have serious problems. Often there are easier, alternate trails laid for the less energetic.

Rides are $15, this includes drinks at the drink stops, and dinner afterwards. Cold cider, beer and soft drinks are availible a bargain prices. BYO water if it is a hot day.

What time are the rides?  
Rides start at 2:30PM in Summer, 1:30PM in Winter. Generally, the circle and dinner is over by around 7:00PM. See the hairline for more exact info.

Can you email me ride info?
Sure.  Make a request using the "contact" link, and we will add you to out mailing list.